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The Croods_1

‘The Croods’ Sends the Box Office Back to the Stone Age

Mar 24, 2013 · Scott Harris · Neanderthals, guns and boobies are in this weekend, while smart people talking is out.

Review: ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

Mar 21, 2013 · Jordan Hoffman · Better "Die Hard in The White House" than "Live Free and Die Hard in The White House"
New Year's Eve

Exclusive: Hollywood’s New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 3, 2013 · Eric D. Snider · Hollywood has high hopes for 2013: more 3D, less Taylor Kitsch and new ways to fight piracy.
January at the Movies

January at the Movies

Jan 1, 2013 · LoquaciousMuse · January isn't usually a great time for new movies, but there might be a few gems this year.
Playing for Keeps

Review: ‘Playing for Keeps’ Could Be Worse

Dec 7, 2012 · Stephanie Zacharek · Then again, it's clear the bar has been set way too low.
Playing for Keeps (2012)

Pitch Meeting: ‘Playing for Keeps’

Dec 6, 2012 · Eric D. Snider · We take a stab at what the pitch meeting for the latest Gerard Butler movie sounded like.

Top 5/Bottom 5: Soccer Movies

Dec 5, 2012 · Scott Harris · Soccer may be the beautiful game, but that hasn't always translated to beautiful movies.
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