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Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Rockets To Number One

Oct 13, 2013 · Scott Harris · Bullock and Clooney beat Hanks in cineplex starmageddon.

Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Is a Hit For All Mankind

Oct 6, 2013 · Scott Harris · Houston, we have a lot of money.

Interview: ‘Gravity’ Producer David Heyman Launches His Career Into Orbit

Oct 2, 2013 · Kase Wickman · "With Sandra Bullock, we ended up with the right actress."

Anti-Gravity: Why Alfonso Cuarón’s Space Odyssey Is Shortsighted About Long-Takes

Sep 30, 2013 · Jake Cole · For a film so transparently built around its technical achievement, “Gravity” saps the wonder from its long takes by relying so completely on computers.
Steven Soderbergh

Top 5/Bottom 5: Steven Soderbergh’s Movies

Feb 8, 2013 · Eric D. Snider · In honor of the auteur's big 5-0, let's celebrate his five best (and worst) films.
Remember the Titans

Top 5/Bottom 5 Football Movies

Jan 31, 2013 · Scott Harris · We take a look at which Hollywood football films are touchdowns and which are cinematic fumbles.
New Year's Eve

Exclusive: Hollywood’s New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 3, 2013 · Eric D. Snider · Hollywood has high hopes for 2013: more 3D, less Taylor Kitsch and new ways to fight piracy.

The 13 Best Actors-Turned-Directors

Oct 11, 2012 · Sandie Angulo Chen · But Affleck is far from the first actor to try his hand behind the camera and here are the 13 best.
Ides of March Theatrical Still #11

Review: George Clooney’s The Ides of March Makes Politics Personal

Oct 7, 2011 · William Goss · Brisk and sharp throughout ...
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