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Presidents in Movies: The Ultimate Infographic

Dec 10, 2012 · Rick Slusher · If there's one job in the world more powerful and prestigious than President of the United States, it's playing the President in a movie

Movies Streaming/On Demand This Week: ‘Seeking A Friend At The End of the World’ & More

Oct 22, 2012 · Jason Guerrasio · Though titles are on the light side this week, we have an interesting assortment including...
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Exclusive: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Poster Stakes Its Claim at NYCC

Oct 11, 2012 · Bryan Enk · Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis may be preparing to unveil their “Lincoln,” but the alt-universe...

Review: ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Doesn’t Quite Slay

Jun 22, 2012 · Eric D. Snider · Fun concept, dumb movie.
Dark Shadows Johnny Depp

Review: Dark Shadows a Muddled Mess

May 11, 2012 · Eric D. Snider · Burton and Depp turn in less of an effort than ever.
Contestant Betty from Bravo's "Top Chef"

There’s No Place Like Foam: The Seven Deadly Sins Battle it Out on Top Chef

Jan 4, 2007 · Jace at Televisionary · Let it not be said that I am a fan of Top Chef‘s Marcel. Sure,...
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