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Charlie Toft

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Charlie Toft used to win awards for book criticism, but decided that reading was too much work. As a TV writer, his specialty is an encyclopedic and possibly unhealthy knowledge of American Idol.

Whoopi Goldberg Heading To Glee

Whoopi Goldberg’s acting career has taken a back seat of late to her duties on The View, but she will soon be returning to the part of TV that requires one to read scripts.

TV Line is reporting that the Oscar winner has signed for a multiple episode role on Glee. Her first appearance will come on the episode scheduled for May 1, and her arc may run for the final four hours of the season. Goldberg will play Carmen Tibideaux, a veteran of the New York theater scene and a professor at NYADA, the fictional dramatic arts school that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) have applied to. Her character will presumably be a key to deciding whether the graduating seniors are granted admission to the school or not.

Glee has cut back somewhat on its use of intrusive guest stars in this third season, but not entirely: Ricky Martin showed up at McKinley High not long ago. It remains to be seen if Goldberg will provide a publicity and ratings boost going into the offseason. Also to be determined is exactly what Glee will look like in Season 4. A show built around high school students will have to expand its universe going forward, with several kids set to graduate but all cast members presumably in line to return. The idea of a Glee spinoff concentrating on the graduates was considered and abandoned.

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