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Pamela Sitt

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Pamela Sitt started writing about reality TV for The Seattle Times in 2003, when the genre really took off with Joe Millionaire. Since then, her taste in television has only gotten worse.

VIDEO: Chelsea Handler Defends Sex Tape

Late-night comic Chelsea Handler has a sex tape — but she says it was filmed as part of a comedy routine on her audition tape.

Well, that’s one we haven’t heard before. is reporting that the tape was made when Handler was 23 and trying to make it in the Los Angeles comedy scene. The tape reportedly begins as a stand-up routine, then cuts abruptly to the sex scene, and then returns to the comedy routine. claims the VHS tape appears to have been taped over with the sex scene, and that it was not intended as part of the audition tape.

Handler addressed the sex tape reports in her own Chelsea Handler way on Wednesday night’s Chelsea Lately:

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