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Pamela Sitt

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Pamela Sitt started writing about reality TV for The Seattle Times in 2003, when the genre really took off with Joe Millionaire. Since then, her taste in television has only gotten worse.

Barbara Walters Dumps on The Bachelor

Barbara Walters called out The Bachelor today on The View, calling it a “degradation to women.” No argument here, but does anyone else find it ironic that the creator of The View is criticizing a show for being degrading to women? How about a talk show in which women attack each other and talk over each other on a daily basis and is generally  about as appealing as a screechy Real Housewives reunion show?

Remember when Barbara and Joy Behar attacked Star Jones when she returned to the show for the first time as a guest after her infamous co-host exit years ago? I’d rather watch the catfights on The Bachelor than that business, frankly.

See today’s View segment here:

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Tags: Barbara walters, Star jones, The bachelor, The view

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