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Maisy Fernandez

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Maisy Fernandez was an entertainment reporter for a really long time. Now, she oversees the havoc wreaked by her toddler and watches lots of television at night to take the edge off.

Family Feud Friday: Best of the Worst

One of the best things about the new episodes of Family Feud is that host/comedian Steve Harvey is not afraid to clown contestants when they offer up a a ridiculous answer. Sometimes, he just cannot help editorializing a bit and we love him for it.

We know many of you are at work when this delightful showing of America’s Best and Brightest airs, so we’ve taken the liberty of culling the most entertaining answers from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Q: Name a material women’s undergarments are made out of.
A: Linen

Oh, those linen panties. So sexy, and sooooo comfy!

Q. Name a wild animal that can be found roaming suburbs.

A: A lion!

Harvey mocked, “Oh yes. I find it had to get to my car sometimes!”

Q. Name something your body has that starts with the letter L.
A. Um, lice?

Um, could you step about five feet away, please?

Q. Name a city with a good climate.
A. New York

Right? I always pack my sundresses and flip-flops when I visit the Big Apple in January.

Q. Name a dog that makes a burglar think twice about robbing your house.
A. Chihuahua. Because it barks a lot.

Harvey: “There is not a person in America expecting that to be up there.”

Q. If America’s Got Talent, name a state where a lot of it can be found.
A. The United States!

Thank you, and good night.

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