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Pamela Sitt

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Pamela Sitt started writing about reality TV for The Seattle Times in 2003, when the genre really took off with Joe Millionaire. Since then, her taste in television has only gotten worse.

Bachelorette’s Wes Speaks Out On Ed and Jillian

It’s the Bachelorette season that won’t go away!

Bachelorette contestant/villain Wes Hayden is milking his 15 minutes for all its worth, weighing in with Us Weekly and now about the Ed/Jillian cheating scandal.

“I had no clue whether Ed had a girlfriend while we were on the show. I really didn’t know about any of it,” he said. So why is he talking about it then?! Add something to the conversation or go home, Wes!

Interestingly, he told Us Weekly that he heard Ed talk about having a girlfriend while he was in the house, but Wes wasn’t the type to “run his mouth.”

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Meantime, Wes hosted a Bachelorette reunion of sorts in Austin over the weekend with Michael Stagliano, David Good, Tanner Pope and Jesse Kovacs. You can bet they got plenty of attention from Texas ladies when they hit local hotspot Ranch 616 for dinner and drinks.

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