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Pamela Sitt

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Pamela Sitt started writing about reality TV for The Seattle Times in 2003, when the genre really took off with Joe Millionaire. Since then, her taste in television has only gotten worse.

VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Bashes Spencer and Heidi

We thought we were finally rid of Heidi and Spencer after The Hills ended and the duo started to fade into oblivion…so what is Anderson Cooper doing bringing them back to life?!

Cooper, a noted Real Housewives fan who admittedly did not watch The Hills, added the Pratts to his RidicuList this week, which is an appropriate place for them — but about a year behind the times.

Now, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi getting yet another shot at reality fame on Bachelor Pad — can someone please do something about that?

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Tags: Anderson Cooper, Heidi montag, Spencer pratt, The hills

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