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Posts tagged with "Star Trek Into Darkness"

The 10 Worst Films of 2013

Dec 18, 2013 · Jake Cole · It was a great year for movies, especially if you didn't see these ones.

Why Do Movie Studios Keep Churning Out Dumb Character Posters?

Nov 18, 2013 · Kate Erbland · If only "character posters" had any character to speak of.

The Best New DVD & Streaming Films of the Week: August 27, 2013

Aug 27, 2013 · David Ehrlich · Streaming into Darkness.

Film Critics Can’t Ignore the Business of Summer Blockbusters

Jul 11, 2013 · Vadim Rizov · Vadim Rizov argues that it's intellectually dishonest to ignore the business side of things when reviewing Hollywood's big summer movies.

Blockbuster Bloodbath: Why This Year’s Summer Movies Feel Too Violent for Their Own Good

Jul 5, 2013 · Matt Patches · How did we get to the point where a movie about The Lone Ranger is more violent than a movie about the zombie apocalypse?

A Year-By-Year Overview of Hollywood Films Reflecting on 9/11 and The War on Terror

Jun 4, 2013 · Vadim Rizov · This summer season proves that we're still using mass entertainment to process mass tragedy.

‘Fast & Furious 6’ Tops Record Smashing Holiday Weekend

May 26, 2013 · Scott Harris · Six bona fide blockbusters powered Hollywood to its biggest Memorial Day weekend ever.

Eric’s Movie Column: Why Can’t We Let Filmmakers Tell Stories on their Own Terms?

May 21, 2013 · Eric D. Snider · Stop telling us the movies. Let the movies do that.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Boldly Goes to Number One at the Box Office

May 19, 2013 · Scott Harris · This was the only logical outcome, after all.

Fanboy Meets World: Why J.J. Abrams Is a Con Artist

May 16, 2013 · Jordan Hoffman · How "Star Trek Into Darkness" fails its own franchise.

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