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Posts tagged with "Pulp Fiction"

Cannes: All 66 Palme d’Or Winners Ranked from Worst to Best

May 15, 2013 · Daniel Walber · We count down every film that's ever won the medium's most prestigious prize.

Tarantino Infographic Breaks Down the N-Bombs

Jan 7, 2013 · Max Evry · All the n-words in four of Tarantino's films. (There's a lot.)

New on DVD Week of Nov 20, 2012 - DVD 123: ‘Tarantino XX’ Collection, ‘The Expendables 2’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate’

Nov 20, 2012 · Amanda Mae Meyncke · This week's picks include a Tarantino bonanza, an action extravaganza and a Criterion classic.

Bruce Willis: Top 5/Bottom 5

Sep 27, 2012 · Elisabeth Rappe · Even if you're a "Die Hard" fan, you've gotta admit Bruce has made some stinkers.

Nostalgia, Homages, Midnight in Paris, and Super 8

Jul 5, 2011 · Dre Rivas · This past weekend I took in two very different but pretty terrific films: J.J. Abram’s...

Should Quentin Tarantino Stop Homaging?

May 15, 2011 · Elisabeth Rappe · Or does he go beyond homage and into a reflection of cinema itself?

Ranking Quentin Tarantino’s Films

Apr 28, 2011 · Dre Rivas · From Death Proof to Kill Bill ... and back again.

Uma Thurman: Top Five / Bottom Five

Oct 27, 2009 · Dre Rivas · If you have nothing else to do and self-mutilation is not your thing, why not...

John Travolta: Top Five / Bottom Five

Jun 12, 2009 · C. Robert Cargill · Like it or not, John Travolta is a bonafide Hollywood legend. After a career spanning...

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