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Posts tagged with "Infographic"

Infographic: The Francography Chart

Mar 14, 2013 · Nick DeSantis · Ranking Franco the Great and Powerful's roles, from prestige to payday and everything in between.

Movie Title Numerology: The Charticle

Jan 22, 2013 · Staff · Just one poster element - a color, a font, a texture – can make a movie instantly recognizable with just a passing glance. Do you have what t takes to guess these titles by their numbers?

The ‘Life of Pi’ Chart

Nov 27, 2012 · Rick Slusher · A breakdown of how Pi spends his time on the boat.

Movie Slashers: The Body Count Infographic

Oct 31, 2012 · Rick Slusher · Which iconic horror movie slasher has had the most kills over time? This infographic answers once and for all

‘Looper’ Infographic Explains It All

Oct 2, 2012 · Rick Slusher · Wanna make sense of all the timelines in "Looper"? This oughta help.

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