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Posts tagged with "Colin Farrell"

The Top 5 Streaming Titles Of The Week: Michael Cera in ‘Crystal Fairy’ & More

Jul 8, 2013 · Jason Guerrasio · Ranking the week's best new VOD / streaming films.

Body Slamming The Multiplex: The Future of WWE Studios

Mar 5, 2013 · Jason Guerrasio · Can you smell what the cinema is cooking?

If Actors With Similar Names Swapped Movie Roles

Feb 6, 2013 · Amanda Mae Meyncke · We're always confusing actors who share similar sounding names, but what would their movies be like if they actually switched parts?

New on Streaming Week of Jan 28, 2013 - ‘Seven Psychopaths,’ ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ & More

Jan 28, 2013 · Jason Guerrasio · Get your kung-fu fix, check out some "Psycopaths" and more in this week's column.

New on DVD Week of Dec 18, 2012 - DVD 123: ‘Total Recall,’ ‘Pitch Perfect’ & ‘Liberal Arts’

Dec 18, 2012 · Amanda Mae Meyncke · This week's DVD and Blu-ray releases will take you to the future and back.

Laremy Legel’s Top Ten Films of 2012

Dec 17, 2012 · Laremy Legel · Did your favorite film make the list?

Review: ‘Seven Psychopaths’ Delivers Mirth With Style

Oct 9, 2012 · Laremy Legel · If you love quick dialogue and madcap situations, you'll feel this one came with a bow attached.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Three-peats at the Box Office

Aug 5, 2012 · Laremy Legel · 'Total Recall' didn't stand a chance against Batman ...

Original Vs. Remake: ‘Total Recall’

Aug 3, 2012 · Max Evry · Paul Verhoeven's original splatterpiece goes toe-to-toe in our ring with Len Wiseman's new Colin Farrell-led remake.

Review: ‘Total Recall’ Is a Cover Song Gone a Little Wrong

Aug 2, 2012 · Jordan Hoffman · Like a novelty band's bad take on a classic tune.

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