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Posts tagged with "Almost Famous"

The 50 Greatest Musical Numbers in Movie History

Nov 25, 2013 · Staff · A song is born. 50 songs, actually.

A Cool Story of Youth: The Return of the Coming Of Age Film

May 9, 2013 · Calum Marsh · Nostalgia is back and better than ever.

The Top 50 Movies Never Nominated For Best Picture at the Oscars

Jan 16, 2013 · Staff · You won't believe some of the films that never even got close to the Academy's highest honor.

The 50 Best Coming-of-Age Movies

Sep 19, 2012 · Staff · Whether you prefer crude sex comedies or solemn French films, there's a coming-of-age movie for everyone.

10 Actors We’d Love to See Do More Comedy

Aug 22, 2012 · Max Evry · Here are some thesps who've proven they can make us laugh, but need to start doing it more often, for reals...
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Re-Views: Almost Famous (2000)

Nov 30, 2011 · Eric D. Snider · I loved it when I saw it in 2000 -- but I never watched it a second time. Until now.

DVD Alternatives to This Weekend’s Theatrical Offerings

Jun 4, 2010 · MaryAnn Johanson · We know how it is: You’d like to go to the movies this weekend, but...

DVD Alternatives to This Weekend’s Theatrical Offerings

Apr 9, 2010 · MaryAnn Johanson · We know how it is: You’d like to go to the movies this weekend, but...

Seven Memorable Movie Bands

Jul 14, 2009 · Christine Champ · 2009 marks the “loudest band in the world” Spinal Tap’s 25th anniversary. Just this June,...

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