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The Evolution of the Zombie

From slow and shambling to insanely fast and everything in between, we show you how Hollywood’s favorite horror movie monster has changed throughout the years.


Movies Included (Click to Buy):

White Zombie | King of the Zombies | I Walked with a Zombie | Zombies of Mora Tau | Plan 9 From Outer Space | Plague of the Zombies | Night of the Living Dead | Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things | Don’t Open the Window | Sugar Hill | Dawn of the Dead | Zombie | Zombie Holocaust | The Beyond | Return of the Living Dead | Day of the Dead | Dead Men Don’t Die | Dead Alive | My Boyfriend’s Back | Cemetery Man | 28 Days Later | Shaun of the Dead | Dawn of the Dead | 28 Weeks Later | Dead Snow | Zombieland | Warm Bodies | World War Z | 

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