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Amanda Mae Meyncke

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Amanda Meyncke lives in Los Angeles and writes about movies for a living. She often looks around for someone to congratulate her, but there is no one there.

Twilight Soundtrack Thoughts

The new track listing for the Twilight album was put up on author Stephenie Meyer’s blog recently. Music plays a large role in the Twilight novels as well as in the first film, so let’s break down, track by track, exactly what we can expect from the audio component of the movie.

1. Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)
The obligatory Muse entry, I’m just surprised there’s not more on here. Stephenie Meyer loves Muse, often thanking them for their inspiration in her writing. The song is very different from the work they were known for even five years ago, but the harmonious vocals and solid musical work is all here. Those Twilight fans who don’t already know about Muse will certainly give them a chance after hearing this song.

2. Decode (Paramore)
It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it grows on you after time. One of the more hardcore tracks on the album, this song takes names and kicks butt amidst a sea of softer music. Interesting that in a film told from Bella’s perspective, this is one of the only songs sung by a female.

3. Full Moon (The Black Ghosts)
This song is so good! A really nice lilting vocal track, backed up with violin and a fun beat; the string quartet adds something special to an already solid song. The lyrics deal with longing and the distance, no doubt, between Bella and Edward.

Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park)
This is a relatively new Linkin Park song, and for those of you who shuddered at the thought of a screaming track, let your fears be allayed. This is a new side of Linkin Park. The slower, more melodic track focuses more on songwriting and style over teenage bravado.

5. Spotlight [Twilight Mix] (MuteMath)
MuteMath is a relatively new band — it’s great how many new bands are on this soundtrack. We’ll have to hear the results of this brand new song when the official track comes out, but until then we can dream. It’d be great if it was a total depature from what MuteMath is usually like — indie rock at it’s best — but if not, that’d be fine with us too!

6. Go All The Way [Into The Twilight] (Perry Farrell)
This is another new remix for the soundtrack, and Perry Farrell (formerly of Jane’s Addiction) is a brilliant and unconventional choice to add to this mix, taking it from ordinary and predictable to interesting and inventive. Though this track is a bit like something you might hear pounding in a club, the remix may be quite different.

7. Tremble for my Beloved (Collective Soul)
Released in 1999, this upbeat rock song may be one of the older tracks on the album. Replete with late-’90s vibrato, this song channels the energy of its era, and is yet another surprising choice. The lyrics are simple, and perhaps they should have changed the lyrics to “I sparkle for my love.”

8. I Caught Myself (Paramore)
Another as yet unreleased Paramore track, this exposure will certainly do good things for the band, and we can’t wait to hear it, come November 4th!

9. Eyes on Fire (Blue Foundation)
Edward’s amber colored eyes seem to flash fire throughout the series, and the steady, seductive guitar strumming mixed with entrancing vocals seems to underline the balance of danger and love that Bella and Edward (as well as the other vampires) are constantly striking.

10. Never Think (Rob Pattinson)
Rob Pattinson’s debut as a singer and songwriter! He’s played in pubs and such before, but this will be the first official outing. This is kind of an amazing integration, and Pattinson’s speaking voice is so lovely, we can surely expect good things from his singing voice. The boy can do no wrong right now, and it will be interesting to see what comes of this foray into music.

11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Iron & Wine)
Sam Beam of Iron & Wine is known for his guitar skill and his angelic singing abilities. Soft and lilting, this song is a delight and well worth listening to in its own right. The somewhat abstract lyrics seem to be in keeping with what Twilight is all about, a love that seeks and eventually finds a home.

12. Bella’s Lullaby (Carter Burwell)
Bella’s Lullaby plays such a big role in the books, it’s nice to hear it handled so aptly. Gentle, slightly mournful and deeply nostalgic, this simple piano instrumental track provides a great end to a great soundtrack.

Editor’s Note: Evidently this isn’t the actual Lullaby? Either way we’ve decided we like it… so we’re leaving it up until someone provides us the real one. Solid.

When the soundtrack is released on November 4th, we will find a well-put-together soundtrack overall, and one that will surely compliment the film nicely. A good mix of some predictable choices and some very unexpected and delightful songs. What should they have done differently? What would you have liked to hear on the Twilight soundtrack?

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