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Maisy Fernandez

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Maisy Fernandez was an entertainment reporter for a really long time. Now, she oversees the havoc wreaked by her toddler and watches lots of television at night to take the edge off.

Runway Recap: Special Haiku Edition

My air conditioner conked out this morning, on a day when it was a hot and humid 96 degrees. Now, I’m sweating and frustrated and cooped up in the “man cave” in my basement because it’s cooler down here. You probably don’t care, but I bring it up to make a point.

For one hour, a quite entertaining episode of Project Runway made me postpone my plan to kidnap an air conditioner repairman from his home and family in the middle of the night to fix my problem. After a few weeks of relatively unmemorable Runway episodes, this was a refreshing change.

With former Runway contestant Chris March as an adviser, the designers were charged with creating drag queen costumes. And for the first time since the very first grocery store challenge, the outfits were as interesting as the banter in the work room. Which is supposed to be the point, right?

It’s worth noting that when March showed up, he was wearing a drag costume that was part opera singer (long, white, drapey dress), part Viking (Flavor Flav would be totally jealous of this helmet), and part Studio 54 (a halved disco ball served as bra cups).

Now, on to the runway — in haiku — where a very scary, overly-plastic-surgeried RuPaul served as guest judge.

Neon pink and blue;
a kite with fringe grows from the
back of this model.

Even with a tall, popped
collar, Jerell made drag seem
drab. Show us some leg!

It looks like my cat
used Keith’s “dress” as a scratching

post. Still, Keith squeaks by.

Fiery collar and
detachable skirt make a
great “woman in heat.”

Mel’s Diner meets Star
in waitress outfit gone
wrong. Drag-tastic, though.

Hedda Lettuce looks
more like Cabbage Patch in lime
green monstrosity.

Underwhelming in
plaid and black, but better than
most of the others.

Crazy kabuki dress
on seven foot queen. Truly
a lovely costume.

Silver sequins and
feathered collar are enough
to save her this week.

Ann-Margret plus Love
scores win, immunity.
Masks the man parts, too.

Stripper’s manicure
colors compose this cliche
cocktail dress. He’s out.

Here’s one more bonus haiku, before my brain melts out through my ear and onto this armchair.

Maisy (that’s me!):
May be writing from
jail next week. Kidnapping
about to commence.

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