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Amanda Mae Meyncke

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Amanda Meyncke lives in Los Angeles and writes about movies for a living. She often looks around for someone to congratulate her, but there is no one there.

Is It Time To See The Vow Yet?

If you’ve seen the trailer, then let’s talk. I want to like The Vow. You could go so far as to say I am “excited” to see The Vow. Even though the premise is implausible at best, (amnesia!) it appears to be based on a true story and as such, some slack will be cut.  Here, let’s just watch the trailer again, keep it fresh so we can dreamily dissect it.

Wedding! Love! Pancakes! Kisses! Car accidents! Punching! Wedding!

Let’s make a list of all the things in it that I like:

1. Rachel McAdams
2. Car accident induced amnesia (We can file While You Were Sleeping under this one even though that was a train)
3. Movies that are not based on Nicholas Sparks novels yet somehow still seem like they could be.
4. People who don’t give up.
5. Chicago setting.

You will note that Channing Tatum is not on this list. I am not the biggest fan of Channing Tatum, I can acknowledge that he is sort of conventionally attractive, but having just watched Dear John, I don’t know quite what to make of his acting. Need to see him play some kind of hardened drug addict or drag queen, something that really shows his range. Perhaps he can change my mind as a beleaguered husband whose biggest problem appears to be that he must make his wife fall in love with him twice.

I kind of love the idea that Rachel McAdams would wake up and, when presented with hot, kind, amiable Channing Tatum, decide that she just wasn’t into it. Nope, no thanks, I don’t want this husband, I want a different husband.  Isn’t she essentially the same person? Does her personality change so much that she isn’t even the same girl he fell in love with? The trailer makes it seem like she doesn’t even really give it a shot, like Tatum must strive endlessly to get her to fall in love again.  I’m sure they do fall in love again though, the film’s being released over Valentine’s Day weekend, and everything must turn up roses at some point.

Beware, however. One of the writers, Jason Katims wrote such delights as episodes of My So-Called Life, but another writer, Abby Kohn is responsible for He’s Just Not That Into You, and the slow moving car accident, Valentine’s Day.  Usually a film with five credited writers can only be good, right guys? More writers means it’s more coherent, everyone knows that. Committees are great, so are tons of cooks in the kitchen.

For extra fun, recast the two leads in your head while watching this. Zooey Deschanel and Cillian Murphy, for a weirder touch. Zachary Levi and Kaley Cuoco for a gentler take. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet for a bizarre Titanic reunion! Okay, that last one isn’t very good, but still, just try imagining it. Oscar gold. Anyway, after the harsh rule of Oscar fare in December I’m ready to laugh (and love?) again. Having a good time at the movies is never easy, but maybe The Vow can give us some much needed down time.

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