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Max Evry

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Max Evry is an incorrigible freelancer in the concrete jungle that is New York City. Besides his writing/illustrations for various movie sites, he's also worked extensively in Film & TV production... more

Infographic: Common Nominators

It’s often said that there are certain kinds of ridiculously showy roles that an actor should play if they want to get nominated for an Academy Award, but that’s only because it’s flagrantly true. You’re not going to achieve Oscar glory by playing an actuary who internalizes his existential frustrations while quietly going about his business, no, you’re going to get nominated for playing an emaciated musician / prostitute with a strange accent and a fatal disease (“Bingo!” shouts Anne Hathaway).

Everybody knows that you can’t go “full-retard” if you want to be called up to the stage of the Kodak Theatre, but as another Oscar season comes to a close with this Sunday’s telecast of the 85th annual Academy Awards, we thought we’d take a look at all of the tricks that have worked to get actors some Oscar love. Of all the beauty-defying theatrics that have earned Oscar nods since 1990, which tactic has earned the most attention from the Academy?

So take a look at our “Common Nominators,” and be sure to click the infographic for the full picture!


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