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Frequently Asked Questions about

What is is a free online entertainment service that seeks to highlight and discuss the fun in Movies, TV, DVDs, celebrity news and more using an engaging, conversational approach.

How can I contact someone at

If you have questions, comments, tips, or feedback for us, please send email to In some cases, reviewers and writers may choose to provide their email addresses to facilitate direct communication with end users of Reviewers and writers of are are acting in their individual capacities, and not as employees or agents of Viacom International Inc.. Reviewers’ and writers’ use of email addresses or other personal information provided directly to them by end users is not controlled by Viacom International Inc., and is not governed by Viacom International Inc.’s privacy policy. Viacom International Inc. cannot be held liable for any use or misuse by reviewers or writers of email addresses or personal information provided by end users.

Please also remember that the views expressed by reviewers and writers on are their own, and are not necessarily those of Viacom International Inc., Inc., or its employees.

My popup blocker won’t let me watch videos. How can I fix that?

Pop-up blockers may prevent the video player from opening. Setting your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from will fix this problem. Please see your pop-up blocker’s help section for more information. Many popup blockers can by modified via a “settings,” “options,” or “block/allow” button.

Do I need to accept cookies?

You can use without accepting any cookies at all. However, if you’d like to customize your listings in any way or store your preferences, you need to allow cookies.

I can’t find a story that I read a couple of days ago. How can I find it?

You can find a story by using the Search box which can be found in the header on every page.

Where can I see a trailer for a movie?

Try searching for the movie using our search tool. There is also a “trailers” tab on the movies page.

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