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Scott Harris



‘Ride Along’ Repeats Easily as Box Office Champ

Jan 26, 2014 · Scott Harris · "I, Frankenstein." You, didn't go see it.

‘Ride Along’ Sets Box Office Record

Jan 19, 2014 · Scott Harris · "Ride Along" beat out Jack Ryan and animated squirrels to win the box office crown.

‘Lone Survivor’ Is the First Box Office Hit of 2014

Jan 12, 2014 · Scott Harris · Mark Wahlberg stands alone.

Box Office: ‘Frozen’ Ices the Competition

Jan 5, 2014 · Scott Harris · You know what's cool? $300 million.

‘The Hobbit’ Wins Crazy Christmas Box Office Free-for-All

Dec 29, 2013 · Scott Harris · Even Santa couldn't find enough time to see all the new films at the box office this week.

Newsflash: ‘Anchorman 2’ Defeated By ‘The Hobbit’ at the Box Office

Dec 22, 2013 · Scott Harris · Looks like milk was a bad choice once again.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: The Top 10 Sherman Brothers Songs

Dec 16, 2013 · Scott Harris · Hope you like earworms!

‘The Hobbit’ Desolates Box Office

Dec 15, 2013 · Scott Harris · Smaug may have an impressive hoard, but he ain't got nothing on Peter Jackson.

Box Office Upset: ‘Frozen’ Topples ‘Catching Fire’

Dec 8, 2013 · Scott Harris · Ice, ice baby.

All Gravy, No Turkeys at the Box Office This Thanksgiving

Dec 1, 2013 · Scott Harris · Hollywood has hundreds of millions of reasons to be thankful this weekend.